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Rytefix is a free app available to book mobile, laptop and all other electronic gadgets services in Chennai. Connect customers and gadgets service providers in whole new way, intend to bring more transparency and enjoyable experience in market place. Customers have options like “know your cost upfront”, find out “who is nearby” to enjoy hassle free gadgets service experience. Services offered at your doorstep by connecting our trusted service partners with better understanding of your needs on all models of mobiles, laptops and all electronic gadgets. Cracked screen repair and replacement for Samsung , Coolpad and mi brand mobile can be done for very affordable price through RYTEFIX network in Chennai.

What Our Customer  Says


Thank You Rytefix for replacing my LETV mobile display at the low price, because I was waiting for long time to repair my mobile  the Rytefix partner customer support is also very good and very friendly , keep it up. Thank you for  Rs 500 Rs Cash back reward. I would recommend my friends and contacts to Rytefix.
My LeTv Le2 mobile Display and touch screen replaced through Rytefix App, Its really good service in Chennai, I got service within 1 hour and delivered on the next day with Rs 500 cash back The way of approaching of customer service is very friendly, The features in the app is limited but it's good enough, will be useful if they implement many more business like A/C repair and any electronic gadget repair
Raj kumar
My mobile was picked by a service center guy and repaired honor 6 mobile Touch and Display with cheapest price through Rytefix and I got Rs 500 cashback, Thank you Rytefix Team, But I get back the mobile after 2 days from the delivery date. So kindly improve the date of delivery in future.


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